About Us

Our mission is to provide happiness to dog lovers. We love people who love dogs as much as we do. Owners have emotional attachment to his or her dog, as a parent would to his or her child. Our dogs deserve the best, so here at Mutts and Paws, it is our mission to provide you with great products at affordable prices, with top notch customer service.

Hi my friend,

My name is Matt Donofrio, the owner of Mutts & Paws. I'm sure you are searching our site to see what we are all about! Here at Mutts and Paws we are driven by one thing...dogs! I used to have a golden retriever, Jazzie. She was my best friend, and was always by my side. No matter how bad of a day I had, I knew when I got home she would be clawing at the door waiting for me. Unfortunately we had to put her down because she became blind and developed diabetes, and that was one of the worst days ever for both me and my family. She will be forever in our hearts, as you will be to when you become part of our Mutts & Paws community!


Matt Donofrio